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Strip Spin-the-Dildo with Ashley, Michelle, Hannah, Lakota, and Siren (HD) 07/19/2013
Five smokin' hot girls show up to risk their clothing and their viftue in a rousing game of Spin-the-Dildo! What's Spin-the-Dildo? It's like Spin-the-Bottle, with two key differences. First, you use a dildo rather than a bottle. Second, when the spin is done, not only does the spinner kiss the person the dildo points to, she takes a piece of clothing off of her as well.

Strip Ball Blast with Fern and Salem 07/19/2013
Cute little 18-year-old Latina Fern is back, and so is Salem, sporting a new hairstyle and a new attitude. I told both of these girls that if they wanted to return to LostBets, they'd need to stretch their limits a little, and they reluctantly agreed. This is the first game featuring them being a little more daring in what they're willing to risk. Wait 'til you see where they go in future games.

Battlestrip with Bob and JC (HD) 07/19/2013
Bob thinks he's got psychic powers. He proves it by watching a game of Candy Passing (Episode 124), he was able to pick out the girl with the candy every time. Hardly conclusive, but he's an optimist.

Strip Candy-Passing with Cory, Candle, and Ashley (HD) 07/19/2013
Last time we saw Ashley and Candle, they were being introduced for the first time to play a game with a hot (literally) penalty. This time they're joined by Cory to increase the hotness by 50%.

Sudden Death Rock-Paper-Scissors with Betty and Veronica 07/19/2013
We recently passed our fifth year of selling the best stripping game videos on the Internet... heck, the best stripping game videos in the world! To celebrate the milestone, we had Betty and Veronica play a quick game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, suddendeath style. They play a best-of-five series, and the loser (who was Betty) has to strip off everything all at once, and then become a living Pornoversary card for The winner writes "HAPPY PORNOVERSARY LOSTBETS.COM" on the loser in big letters and shows her off.

Strip Noname with Dahlia and Jacqueline (HD) 07/19/2013
Two of my personal favorites are back for their third (and last, for now) game. Girl-next-door Jacqueline and her green-haired friend Dahlia are back to play a high-stakes game of Noname. The action is frantic as both girls try to get their pucks past the other girl's defense. Whenever one succeeds, the other has to draw a card from a deck of her own clothing, and the victor gets to strip it off her.

Strip Air Hockey: Big Tits vs. Little Tits (HD) 07/19/2013
I'm a big fan of boobs of just about any size and shape. I think tiny tits are just as sexy as the mammoth mammaries. But that doesn't mean a little healthy competition is inappropriate.

Strip Blackjack with Kendra and Natalie (HD) 07/19/2013
Meet new girls Kendra and Natalie (not to be confused with Natalia.) They're an interesting couple of ladies. Both girls are mistresses. Both girls love dominating others. But after this game, one of them will have to submit to the other. One girl gets to have her fun, while the other has no choice but to let it happen.

Team Noname: Camille and Catherine vs. Ziggy and Michael (HD) 07/19/2013
Boys against girls! The game is Team Noname. The rules are that one player from each gender plays the game, while the other team members act as backup, retrieving fallen pucks. The backup player is not allowed to throw the pucks through the goal. To do so is a foul, and costs the team an article of clothing. One of the genders forgets this. Repeatedly

Julie Candid Before the Party (HD) 07/19/2013
Before the big party, before Episodes 278, 279, 285, 290, and 300, there was the limo ride from Portland to Seattle. And before that, I mailed a video camera to Julie with a request to film anything she felt like filming. And boy, did she feel like filming.

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